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Hand A DoorHardware FinishLock TypesLock Functions

Architectural Door Supply is a distributor of Architectural Doors, Frames and Finish Hardware for the Commercial Building Market. Our understanding of our business is considerable. But it is neither our extensive knowledge nor our combined 100 years of experience that stands us apart. It is our dedication to a simple doctrine to honor our commitments and always DWYSYWD. Forwards or backwards it says the same thing…. Do What You Say You Will Do. Our allegiance to that straightforward dogma is unshakeable ….. and our customers know it.
​Murphy's Law or the fourth law of thermodynamics states: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Many Architects and Contractors confronted with the challenge of getting an opening for their project accurately engineered, compliant with code, functioning as designed and delivered on time, consider Mr. Murphy an optimist. At A.D.S., we know Murph and we understand how to deal with him. Give us a call. We just may be the missing piece to your opening puzzle.

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday:  7AM - 5PM

Receiving Hours:
Monday - Friday:  7AM - 3PM
Architectural Door Supply is a supplier of Architectural Doors, Frames and Finish Hardware to the commercial building market. That description categorizes us in a broad sense that only serves to identify our classification but not our essence. We are opening professionals dedicated to delivering accurate and timely solutions to the complex and frequently problematic world of architectural doors. We deliver more than products, we deliver results.

Our branch is under the direction of Mr. Jim Herrmann. Jim leads a team of veteran door professionals with a combined 100 years Division 8 experience. Jim is a respected industry professional with 30+ years of knowledge in all facets of the contract hardware business. And, while Jim’s knowledge of this industry is vast, perhaps his greatest attribute is his relationships with the key personnel at our major suppliers. That relationship is one of trust and respect earned from his high standards and business ethics working as a partner with our manufacturers for three decades. 

Our team of professionals has worked together for over 15 years. We are charged with making a profit for our company. We strive to accomplish that objective by doing our job with an excellence that provides our customers the means to do the same. Sometimes we accomplish that objective on bid day and most always during the course and completion of the project.  

We are proud of our reputation as a quality, honest supplier and fully understand how hard we have to work tomorrow to protect it.
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