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Hand A DoorHardware FinishLock TypesLock Functions

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Hand A DoorHardware FinishLock TypesLock Functions

The Guest Room Door is a most welcome site to weary travelers. 
It is the portal to a sanctuary that has been the target of their pursuit 
through long lines, delayed flights, crowded terminals and assorted trials. 
They know that the opportunity to get out of the limelight, kick off the shoes and 
relax is less than two inches away and the click of that latch behind them is a 
glorious sound at the end of a trying journey.

They aren't thinking about the numerous fire and safety codes this door must comply with 
and they don't have a clue about the range of decisions involved in getting this door 
properly hung. They just want it to warmly welcome them, open on demand, and then close quietly and securely behind them. The journey started when they left their 
home, the reason for it begins when the bags are unpacked.
                         Our team understands that the hotel guest and the 
                                    hotel owner, share the same desire...
                                                their heads in your beds.
                       THE END OF A QUEST
​Every door opening in a hotel presents a unique challenge to satisfy the many demands of style and function. It must comply with a variety of Life/Safety and ADA codes and address a myriad of operations which vary according to the demands of the opening. The charge is to satisfy the intentions of the designer, the requirements of the code, the expectations of the guests, the desires of the owner while complying with the restrictions of the budget. Whether it is a highly visible ballroom door or a discreet service door, careful consideration must be given to all of the ambitions designated for the opening.  

Our opening experts can help integrate form and function with a warm, inviting look that incorporates the required safety codes while preserving the ambiance. Unfortunately, that’s only the beginning of the challenge. If we are building a new hotel we have plenty of time for those decisions even though the most well thought out plans often change on game day. Still, with a new build, we should have ample time to react.
The real test is delivering the desired products with tight schedules typically inherent with hotel renovation projects. It is not uncommon with renovation work that we are asked to deliver with lead times that are a fraction of the norm. Subtract from that already tight schedule the time it takes to verify existing field conditions that is a pre-order requirement for most renovation work and you had better be able to work at warp speed.  

The Hospitality Team at Architectural Door Supply has years of experience with hotel renovation work and understand the demands of these projects. We recognize that every day of every project is lost revenue for the property and we appreciate the need to be accurate and timely for our part in the contractor’s schedule. We know the value of ‘Heads In Beds’ and we have a reputation for doing our part to make that happen.
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    Women Only Rooms & Floors

The Dukes London hotel has created several initiatives catering to women, including 19 new Dutchess Rooms with fresh flowers, women’s magazines and size-appropriate slippers and robes and female staff members who are escorts at check-in. As a result, the hotel says, bookings by women have surged 30 percent in the last two months.

The program is part of a trend. The 180-room Georgian Court Hotel Downtown Vancouver has created an Orchid Floor — a women-only floor of 18 rooms with flat irons, yoga mats and beauty products. In Copenhagen at the 814-room Bella Sky Comwell, the 20-room Bella Donna floor is available to female guests by an elevator key card.
Song on Cell Phone... 
New Room Key?

Some Holiday Inn locations will soon begin using the OpenWays door system. This means that guests will be offered the option of having a unique melody sent to their smartphones and playing that to open doors instead of swiping keycards.

The OpenWays system is explained as being as secure as a traditional keycard system and sounds pretty simple to use:

The technology sends an encrypted, unique audio code to a guest's phone prior to check-in. When played back outside the guestroom, the signal unlocks the door, letting the guest skip the front desk-guests would also receive a text message with their room assignments-while also eliminating the need for keycards.

The first hotels to test the technology will be the Holiday Inn Chicago O' Hare Rosemont and the Holiday Inn Express Houston Downtown Convention Center. [Hotel Musings via USA Today]

NFPA 80 Section For Swinging Doors with Builders Hardware of Fire Door Hardware - Item #9: Auxiliary hardware items that interfere or prohibit operation are not installed on the door or frame.  Section Blocking or wedging of doors in the open position shall be prohibited.  What that means is that the conventional night guard used by most hotels may no longer be allowed.                                

This type night latch                                                                               Only this type night latch 
does not comply                                                                                    conforms to the new
with the above                                                                                       NFPA 80 Section
standards.                                                                                             5.24.2 standard for
​                                                                                                            Auxiliary Hardware

              Old Problems

Noise has long ruled as the number one complaint by Hotel guests and the sound culprit still maintains it's undisputed grip on it's top ranked position.  The sound of silence is still the most cherished amenity by hotel guests.

The good news is that the number one contributor on the noise complaint meter, "Slamming Doors" has the quickest and most surefire remedy.  A quality, properly adjusted door closer will close the guest room door quietly and securely eliminating this complaint from your guest's report card once and for all.

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